DIMI: Cube

The Tabletop Hologram Cube

Bringing custom loadable holograms right to the palm of your hand. Display your favorite media as holograms today.

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DIMI: Tabletop Hologram Cube

Custom Holograms

Show off multiple unique holograms at a time. Load images, with plans to support video and 3D files.

Fully Mobile

Battery powered & each comes with a charging pad, with the ability to charge multiple cubes off one cable.

Instant Narrative Flexibility

Keep over 500 holograms readily available, the next one only a button-press away.

DIMI: Cube

Launching Soon

Preparing for Pre-Orders

We are putting some finishing touches on DIMI™ (Patent Pending). If DIMI doesn't exactly suit your needs, maybe one of its' two other variations will. Stay up-to-date as we gear up for a launch on Kickstarter.
Hope to see you there!

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Discover Your Match

DIMI: Duo & DIMI: Pixel

Here are two more versions of DIMI. All three will be available on launch!
DIMI: DUO is a two-sided hologram version with an uninterrupted full square view.
DIMI is a non-hologram version that will be even more compact.
More information about them to come.


Our story

Physical Feel with Digital Flexibility

How can we hold something physical but imbue it with the utility of something that is digital? Holograms were the key.

Even as TTRPG enthusiasts and amateur game masters, we didn't have space for crates of tiny figurines and never could find the right miniature for the situation. All the stopgap solutions of plastic chips, game pieces, carboard cutouts, etc., never really scratched that itch. We really wanted something akin to miniatures but something customizable to the story being told. That's when holograms came into the picture, with the possibility to create little worlds at our fingertips.

As we started talking to everyone about this device, we quickly found out it's great for displaying all sorts of things, from people's favorite collectibles to pictures of their family. It was then we knew, Dimi - this hologram cube - had to be put out into the world.

We're launching soon!

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